Friday, July 15, 2011

Wine Cork Wreath

I saw a Cork Wreath on a website a long time ago and thought I would like to try making one.  My friend asked me to make one for her and I wasn't sure it would come out very good.  I read online that you need between 300 and 400 wine corks!  Wow that is a ton of corks.  Never fear, I just happen to have that many corks.  What started out as Tuesday night wine tasting with 3 of my bff's has turned into Tuesday night dinner and wine drinking!!  So here is my attempt at a wine cork wreath...
Of course it has to have grapes!  And I am sure you will notice that they are red grapes.  We are definitely red wine snobs. 

Okay so we also like a little champagne on occasion.

Unfortunately we ran out of corks! Oh well...maybe we should do Tuesday and Friday night wine tasting! Sounds good to me.